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Our systems enable businesses to make their mobile apps and their venues location-aware,
delivering accurate positioning everywhere
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Our software provides accurate location both globally and indoors, making your mobile apps and applications aware of physical location in the real world

We can locate anywhere


Inside specific multistory buildings or across a campus


Both: globally and inside specific buildings or indoor areas

They trust Accuware

Working with Navizon [now Accuware] was a great experience, especially in terms of using their service for an exhibition. As a contemporary art institution, UMOCA often relies on unusual resources for artists’ projects, which is what was necessary for the exhibition Panopticon. UMOCA invited artist Jonas Lund to participate in the show with his work titled Gallery Analytics, which functions as a tracking system of visitors in the museum.

Mr. Lund had worked with Navizon before, however never in a museum setting, so this opportunity was a great way to display his work in a much larger space. We were able to set up a WiFi triangulation system via Navizon, and provide an interface in our lobby to show the movement of people in the gallery. It has been quite a successful work, and we thank Navizon for their generosity and assistance in facilitating the technical components of this work.
Our strategic partnership with Navizon has been instrumental in the successful launch of many of our core products, delivering cutting-edge solutions and a robust platform customized to meet every requirement.

Innovative, diligent, and responsive, the team is always available and ready for every challenge and at every milestone, offering their extensive expertise and impeccable support throughout implementation and deployment.

Almost three years on, we are still working closely and collaborating with Navizon to enhance and widen our service offering, and we look forward to many more years ahead.