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Accuware is a global provider of indoor location technology. Accuware's products and services have been deployed around the world, powering location-aware applications in many industries, including retail, event marketing, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, real-estate development, healthcare, museums, casinos and many others.

A provider of patented technology, Accuware relies on a network of Application Partners to deliver industry-specific location-aware applications, and Implementation Partners who build custom systems to clients' specifications.

Accuware is a private company founded in 2015 by a team of veterans in the geolocation industry. It spun off from Navizon Inc, leader in indoor location and maker of the first hybrid positioning system combining GPS, WiFi and cellular phone signals launched in 2005.

At Accuware, our mission is to provide innovative, easy to use, cost-effective products using wireless and video processing technologies, that become platforms for the implementation of practical location-aware business systems.


Cyril Houri

Cyril Houri is founder, CEO and President of Accuware. A serial entrepreneur, he is responsible for Accuware’s leadership and innovation, bringing together a team of veterans in location-based services. In 2005 he launched Navizon Inc, whose first product became a pioneering global positioning system for mobile phones.

Gianni Giorgetti

Director of research
Dr. Gianni Giorgetti, Director of Research at Accuware, is responsible for overseeing research on novel positioning technologies and is in charge
of coordinating the company's efforts to develop new software and hardware platforms for location based services.