Accuware at ISC West 2017

Our latest solutions for 3-D positioning and video analysis

The Accuware Team will be at the International Security Conference & Exposition, ISC West,  from April 5th to the 7th.ISC West 2017 bannerAt our booth we will demonstrate the latest features of products designed to deliver high reliability and location accuracy in a variety of applications. Our latest offerings include Video Positioning System (VPS) code-named Dragonfly, and Video Location Monitor.  These products expand Accuware’s portfolio, which harness multiple technologies to provide solutions for locating, tracking and monitoring people and mobile assets in the physical world.


An early version of Dragonfly (formerly VPS) made its debut at CTIA 2016, the main trade show for the wireless industry.  At that time, Dragonfly was able to estimate the location of a camera-equipped mobile device in 3-dimensions, with an accuracy of just a few inches. It determined its position by decoding visual markers placed around a venue.  The coordinates it produces include latitude, longitude, height off the floor and level (ex. 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.), which makes it appealing for applications of autonomous mobile robots and drones.

The latest Dragonfly has learned new tricks: by first performing a “visual fingerprinting” of a venue with a device’s camera, Dragonfly can now take a snapshot anywhere around the venue and determine its location by interpolating that image into the database of “ambient visual fingerprints”.  The new system is also self-optimizing, in that it continues “learning” the environment, causing its resolution and location accuracy to improve over time.

This video shows a demonstration of the new Dragonfly functionality as it would be seen when run on a drone:

Visit us at booth 6140 for a live demonstration of this product.


Sentinel is a new tool that delivers useful features for intelligent video analysis.  

Imagine a CCTV system displaying a video feed on multiple screens, under the watchful gaze of  several human operators.  Now imagine those operators suddenly wondering whether a person currently visible on the screen has appeared before.  Is that person currently on camera 3 the same one we saw on camera 6 about 20 minutes ago?  Have we seen this person earlier?  Perhaps earlier this morning?  At what time?  Was that same person present multiple times? When and where?

Now picture the CCTV feed been analyzed in real-time: people visible on the screen are being identified by their appearance, including body bulk, height and clothing color (face recognition is not used). Sentinel detects individuals
Imagine a database containing small snippets of video collected over time, with annotations of who is visible on each snippet, when it was taken and where.  Incidentally, these snippets are referred to as “tracklets”, meaning “portions of a track”, a “track” being the sequence of physical positions of a given subject as it moves through physical space over time.

Once a person’s appearance is uniquely identified and categorized, this enables tracking the movement of that specific individual across multiple camera views over time.  In other words, classifying tracklets in real-time provides the ability to track individuals moving through a monitored venue over time.  Most importantly, the tracklets database enables visual search.

Visual search works as follows: knowing a specific individual’s appearance, it is possible to search the tracklets database to learn when and where that individual has appeared on screen over time.  Visual search is one of Sentinel’s key features.   Here is a demonstration.

As shown in the video, other key features of Sentinel include the ability to perform traffic analysis, definition of geofences, and the visualization of the varying density of people present in a monitored area over a period of time.

Sentinel heatmap

Regarding Sentinel’s search feature, it is important to emphasize that the system does not use facial recognition, given the impracticality of this technology on relatively small and low-resolution video footage. Privacy considerations should take into account that Sentinel’s features enhance video surveillance mechanisms already in place.

About us

Accuware is an engineering-driven company that develops products to serve a wide variety of industries.  We strive to provide cost-effective, easy to deploy and maintain products that are easy to integrate into complete solutions.  And our world-wide technical support coverage helps us ensure that our customers and partners succeed.

We work directly with customers, and through a network of Application and Implementation Partners, which gives us worldwide reach across many industries.

We will be delighted to meet you at ISC West 2017, booth 6140. We look forward to our in-person conversation about your requirements for location-aware applications.  Contact us for further information.

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