Indoor location live at CTIA 2016

CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in Las Vegas, the event “about everything wireless”,  was bigger and better than ever.  A global audience descended on the Sands Expo for the yearly sensory feast on the latest technologies about the mobile world.  And once again, visitors to our booth had a chance to see our latest indoor location products in action.CTIA Super Mobility 2016

CTIA 2016 was huge in scope, spanning smart cities, smart homes, self-driving cars, IoT, drones and the underlying technologies that make it all work.  International visitors poured through this large space, taking in the latest technologies and trends.  We had our share.

At the booth

Our booth was designed to guide visitors through our offerings based on their intended use of indoor location. Accuware Booth at CTIAThe goal was to invite them to discuss their target application and get a demonstration of the right products to suit their needs.

Here is what they saw.



Our Current Products

The list of our current products was on display, orienting visitors according to their needs:Accuware Products banner

  • To track people or assets indoors or globally, Wearabouts is your solution
  • For wayfinding, providing turn-by turn navigation inside buildings, Indoor Navigation for Android and iOS is the right tool
  • To provide precise positioning (within 10 cm or 4 inches) for autonomous mobile vehicles, Dragonfly can do it in 3-D
  • If your interest is security, Video Identifier, a system that identifies individuals from a camera feed, and then “remembers” them when they return to the scene, can be a powerful tool for your arsenal
  • To unobtrusively monitor an environment for active Wi-Fi devices, counting, identifying them and following their movements to analyze behavior patterns, then Wi-Fi Location Monitor is the right tool

You can sense the variety of uses and underlying technologies.  In every case, a solid product is (or soon will be) available, backed up by an experienced support organization.


Hardware was also on display, and included:Hardware display case

  • iBeacons, for tracking with Wearabouts
  • Wearables, for tracking using Wearabouts for Android
  • Smart Tags and Combo Tags, also for tracking with Wearabouts
  • WiFi Tags and Nodes, used with Wi-Fi Location Monitor

You can download the flyer summarizing our products in display at CTIA 2016.

Latest indoor location products

After well over a year of research and development, Accuware released new indoor location products that leverage image and video processing technologies.  In addition, and this was special, at CTIA we demonstrated indoor location and tracking for iOS devices using a background app and iBeacons.  Details follow.

Accuware Wearabouts for Android and iOS

Accuware Wearabouts for iOS and AndroidWearabouts tracks people and assets in real time, either globally or indoors.  That is, Wearabouts enables following in real time the movements of mobile devices carried by people or attached to assets, inside buildings, or through GPS-denied areas, like urban settings full of skyscrapers.

Wearabouts estimates location using ambient signals: cellular phone and WiFi signals for global positioning, and ambient Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth signals for indoor location. Wearabouts app on iOSAnd there are significant differences between the dominant mobile platforms.

Wearabouts for iOS is our latest achievement: you can use an iOS background app that provides indoor tracking for iPhones and iPads using iBeacons’ signals

Wearabouts for Android enables tracking in WiFi-rich indoor areas. Our latest version also uses image processing, utilizing the device’s camera to locate in areas where Wi-Fi signals are weak or non-existent.

These new features expand, once again, the reach and capabilities of a flexible and affordable tracking system.  Clients will point the way to everything that can be implemented with it.

Accuware Sentinel

Accuware SentinelSentinel is our first entry into video processing, and Video Identifier is our first application.

Video Identifier processes video streaming from a closed-circuit TV system to detect individuals, encode their appearance, and be able to recognize them when they reappear in front of the camera.Video Identifier screen shot

Though the system does not use face recognition, we have successfully created the ability for the system to identify, categorize and recognize human appearance, and map it to geographic coordinates within a venue.

We anticipate Sentinel applications to be mainly in security, hospitality, and healthcare. But we are sure that our clients will envision many other applications we haven’t even dreamed of.

Accuware Video Positioning System (VPS) Dragonfly

Accuware Dragonfly video positioning systemBased on image processing, Dragonfly uses a mobile device’s camera to snap pictures of its environment, detecting “paper beacons” (Markers), which enable it to compute client-side (on the device), the device’s geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude, in addition to level and altitude off the floor.Dragonfly Marker ("Paper Beacon")

A “paper beacon” or Marker is a 2-dimensional image that encodes the coordinates of the Marker’s location: latitude, longitude, level and altitude.  Markers are simplified QR codes generated with a printer.  And when a camera image from a mobile device identifies one of them, the horizontal and vertical angles with which their image is captured enables the software on the device to estimate its position with respect to that marker with an accuracy of about 10 cm/4 inches.Dragonfly demo screen

Applications of Dragonfly include providing autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with their accurate position within a venue.  And of course, since altitude is also computed, Dragonfly should be applicable to drones flying indoors. Notice the orange dot in the simulation, which tracks the movement of the device being used in the demonstration.

We anticipate that Dragonfly will complement nicely the technologies deployed in automated warehouses, part of logistics.  As to drones, applications that rely on flying them indoors, in a controlled pattern will make good use of location.

About us

Accuware iconAccuware is an engineering-driven company that develops products that serve a wide variety of industries.  We strive to provide cost-effective, easy to deploy and maintain products that are easy to integrate into complete solutions.  And our world-wide technical support coverage helps us ensure that our customers and partners succeed.

We work directly with customers, and through a network of Application and Implementation Partners, which gives us worldwide reach across many industries.

We were delighted to meet our visitors at CTIA 2016. We look forward to continuing our conversation about your requirements for location-aware applications. Contact us.

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