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Our partners program is open to companies that meet the criteria outlined below. We are committed to supporting and promoting our partners, who we regard as valued members of our global community.

Implementation Partners

About the partnership

We welcome developers and systems integrators who have successfully delivered one or more solutions incorporating our products.

Does not matter if you are large or small. The admission ticket to our partners list is a great recommendation from our common customer.

We will be thrilled to promote your skills and specific areas of expertise for others to learn about you.
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Interested in joining our partners network?


  • Introduction to our customers and other members of our ecosystem
  • Invitation to join-marketing or business development opportunities
  • Advance previews of upcoming products and services
  • A sounding board for your plans, to ensure every implementation you undertake is successful
  • Showcasing your achievements in marketing materials
  • Our value-added resellers program, when you are a serial proponent of our technology

Implementation Partners Network

  • System integrator based in Switzerland.
  • Siyosa offers development of one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands from various industry. Our skilled specialists know the goal of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide also solutions to improve production quality of factory and warehouse with proper customized integration system.
Interested in joining our partners network?

Technology Partners

About the partnership

Technology Partners deliver products and services that complement ours, enabling complex, cutting-edge solutions.
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Interested in joining our partners network?


  • Introduction to our customers and members of our ecosystem
  • Invitation to joint-marketing or business development opportunities
  • Advance previews of upcoming offerings that could enhance your services
  • Early awareness of how we anticipate our industry landscape changing
  • Showcasing of your products in our marketing materials

Technology Partners Network

  • Open-Mesh creates ultra low-cost, plug-and-play wireless mesh networks that spread an Internet connection throughout a hotel, apartment, office, campus, cafe, village and just about anywhere else. Open-Mesh access points, enclosures and cloud controller work seamlessly to deploy enterprise-grade wireless networks at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional networks.
  • Micello is an award-winning company building the world's largest collection of indoor maps; which includes places like shopping malls, airports, college campuses, hospitals, museums, business campuses, conferences, and many more. Micello is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and have multiple offices around the world. Their collection of indoor maps is available for you to use in your own web or mobile applications
  • Radius Networks builds and maintains proximity networks for some of the world’s largest brands and millions of users in many different types of venues, such as sports stadiums, hotels, malls, retail stores and restaurants. Radius Networks delivers end-to-end managed solutions for proximity beacon networks of all sizes and include network architecture, beacon deployment and optimization as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the entire system.
Interested in joining our partners network?

Application Partners

About the partnership

We welcome the chance to recognize companies whose products and services leverage ours. You have an industry focus. Differentiation is important for you, as is innovation.
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Interested in joining our partners network?


  • Introduction to our ecosystem
  • Invitation to business development opportunities
  • Support of your marketing efforts
  • Full benefits of our value-added resellers program
  • Advance previews of our upcoming products and services
  • In-depth technical consultation to ensure you maximize the benefit of our technology
  • Co-marketing and showcasing your offerings in our marketing materials
  • Participation in our value-added resellers program

Application Partners Network

  • Quadron helps businesses transform into insight-driven organizations by removing guesswork from management, operations visual merchandising and marketing. Quadron Analytics for Retail delivers precise and real-time location analytics to give brick and mortar retailers the same level of insights about their visitors as their online counterparts, leading to new strategies that drive more traffic, build customer loyalty, streamline operations and improve shopper experience.
  • Gooding Technologies builds applications to enhance user experience indoors. Working in a variety of industries, Gooding provides software and services for Retail, Hospitals, Airports and others, helping venue owners provide a richer experience to their visitors and collect information about their customers.
  • MapMkt has been closely related with the indoor environment since early 2011 and has developed its own platform software solution for Malls, Hospitals, Arenas and Airports.
    Being able to clearly understand companies needs for micro location, MapMkt also offers consultancy in the indoor location segment, helping the navigation in this new brave 'phygital' world, respecting the already deployed critical mission systems.
  • Wezit is a multi-device management solution. Our transmedia platform allows the management and administration of content, creating interactive programs. Beyond the multi-device aspect, Wezit offers thorough customer/visitor data analysis. The goal is... to be autonomous and innovative!
    Mr J. Richard from the « Cité de l’Architecture » testifies: "We mainly produce interactive kiosks - time varies according to the scenario chosen by the curator. If we are just counting media integration and application generation, we need [with Wezit] one day of work."
Interested in joining our partners network?