Accuware Indoor navigation

Build your branded mobile app to deliver turn-by-turn indoor navigation throughout a venue

Indoor Navigation is a system that blends ambient Wi-Fi and iBeacons signals with data from devices’ internal sensors to deliver devices' locations with sub-meter accuracy. This enables building branded iOS and Android mobile apps to guide users to their destinations with precise turn-by-turn instructions.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Build your custom mobile app to provide turn-by-turn indoor navigation for wayfinding in large and complex indoor settings, such as multi-story buildings.
  • Enable your branded mobile app to provide accurate positioning in sprawling multi-building venues
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  • Server: cloud-based
    OR installable
  • Online administration
  • SDK for Android
    and iOS
  • Mobile app to perform
    site training

Getting started

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  • 1
    Log in to online dashboard
    • a. Define number of site's levels
    • b. Upload floor plans/maps for each level
  • 2
    Perform site survey (training) of target area using Accuware Indoors app
  • 3
    Build you branded app with Accuware's SDK