Accuware Sentinel

Track individuals by video

Sentinel is a system that tracks the movement of people through a venue. Using video cameras deployed around the monitored area and a server to analyze video images, Sentinel identifies individuals and tracks their location over time.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Security: Build solutions to analyze visitors' behavior by following the movement of people inside a venue, identifying and tracking them over time by their visual signature
  • Security: Create systems that enable security personnel to tag (i.e. attach a name to) any specific person seen by a camera and follow their movements on a floor plan
  • Meter: Visualize the number of visitors throughout a day or a week at a venue monitored by video cameras. For example, visitors at a museum exhibit
  • Meter: Count the number of people standing in line, to forecast the possible wait time. For instance, people queuing up at supermarket checkout lines or at the airport security screening
  • Meter: Implement geofencing systems that define areas of interest, counting the number of people that enter or exit them over time. Example: booth visitors at a trade show
  • Search: Scan hours of video in just a few minutes to find occurrences of individuals that exhibit specific physical traits
  • Search: Complement the capabilities of facial recognition systems by identifying multiple sightings of individuals with specific physical appearance. Facial recognition acts on a close-up, while physical appearance matches on broader, less specific factors
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  • Video cameras at venue
  • Server: cloud-based
    OR standalone
  • API for integration
  • Administrative

Getting started

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  • 1
    Ensure cameras at the site provide desired coverage
  • 2
    Set up video feed from all cameras to reach the server
  • 3
    Sign in to the dashboard
    • a. Define levels at the site
    • b. Upload floor plans for each level
    • c. Mark location of all cameras on floor plans
  • 4
    Train the system to geo-locate coverage by each camera
    • a. For each camera's coverage, mark reference points on corresponding floor plan
    • b. Verify location accuracy