Accuware Video Tracker

Track individuals by video

Video Tracker is a system that tracks the movements of people through a venue. Using video cameras deployed around the monitored area and a server to analyze video images, Video Tracker identifies and tracks individuals’ locations.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Build a solution to analyze visitors' behavior by following the movements of people inside specific venues, identifying and tracking them by their visual signature
  • Implement people counting solutions for venues such as museums and shopping malls. Counts per sector can pretty accurately reflect visitors' volumes at different times per day, week and month
  • Create a system that enables security personnel to attach a name to any specific person seen by a camera and follow their movements on a floor plan
  • Build solutions for hospitality venues, such as hotels or casinos, to track VIP customers' whereabouts, enabling personalized assistance, such as delivering an order at the right table as the client moves around
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  • Video cameras at venue
  • Server: cloud-based
    OR standalone
  • API for integration
  • Administrative

Getting started

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  • 1
    Ensure cameras at the site provide desired coverage
  • 2
    Set up video feed from all cameras to reach the server
  • 3
    Sign in to the dashboard
    • a. Define levels at the site
    • b. Upload floor plans for each level
    • c. Mark location of all cameras on floor plans
  • 4
    Train the system to geo-locate coverage by each camera
    • a. For each camera's coverage, mark reference points on corresponding floor plan
    • b. Verify location accuracy