Accuware Wi-Fi Location Monitor

Locate and monitor active Wi-Fi devices in real time

Wi-Fi Location Monitor is a WiFi based real-time locating system (RTLS) that locates and monitors active WiFi devices, such as phones, tablets and WiFi tags inside multi-story buildings or throughout an entire campus. Wi-Fi Location Monitor is a key building block for analytics applications that produce insights by monitoring visitors' behavior in a physical space.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Build a custom system to monitor pedestrian traffic throughout a site to analyze visitor movement and flow, including queue times, dwell times, wait times and first-time/repeat visitors
  • Create a solution to track the whereabouts of specific devices, collecting the sequence of their locations over time
  • Implement a geofencing system to define boundaries around areas of interest, triggering alerts when registered mobile devices enter or exit it
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  • Online dashboard
  • Server: Cloud based
    or installable
  • Nodes (hardware)
    placed on site
  • API for integration

Getting started

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  • 1
    Place nodes (hardware) throughout site
  • 2
    Sign in to online dashboard
    • a. Define number of site levels
    • b. Upload floor plans/maps for each level
    • c. Indicate each node's position on the corresponding level and floorplan
Hardware setup required Initial site survey Periodic site survey Internet connectivity Electric power Battery powered (Optional) Cellular data plan & Sim card
on off off on on on off
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Detecting active Wi-Fi devices
Nodes collect data for WiFi Location Monitor. Deployed through a monitored site, nodes detect active WiFi devices, collecting their identifying MAC address. A device must be detected by three or more nodes for its location to be estimated. Otherwise, only its presence is known.
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Wi-Fi Tags

Tracking with active Wi-Fi devices
Wi-Fi Tags are mobile devices carried by people or attached to valuable assets to enable people and assets tracking. These are optional components to use with WiFi Location Monitor.
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