Accuware Wearabouts

Track the location of people and assets globally and indoors

Accuware Wearabouts is a system that tracks the location of people and assets by following the movements of mobile devices, both globally, anywhere in the world, and indoors, with room-level accuracy. Android WiFi-enabled devices running the Wearabouts app can be tracked, including wearables, smartphones and tablets, as well as Smart Tags and Combo Tags. iOS devices can be tracked with a background app using iBeacons. In addition, Android devices, such as smartphones and tags, fitted with video cameras may be tracked indoors using camera positioning.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Track people’s movements globally and indoors using Android wearables, smartphones and tablets running the Wearabouts app
  • Track the location of iPhones and iPads indoors using a background app and iBeacons. This is Ideal for finding other iPhone users or misplaced iPads inside a building
  • Track valuable assets’ movements globally and indoors using Combo Tags or just indoors using Smart Tags
  • Build custom geofencing systems that enable defining virtual boundaries around areas of interest, delivering media to your apps' users, or simply alerting when their devices enter/exit the geofenced area
  • Track Android smartphones, tablets and tags indoors using visual positioning, for higher accuracy, or in areas where Wi-Fi ambient signals are insufficient or non-existent. This option relies on the device's camera to take snapshots of the physical surroundings, enabling Wearabouts to determine the device's location from the uploaded images.
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  • Online administrative
  • Server: cloud-based
    OR standalone
  • Client: Android and iOS devices
    running Wearabouts app
  • Client: Smart Tags
    (indoors only)
  • Client: Combo Tags
    (global + indoors)
  • Mobile app to perform
    site training

Getting started

Interested in a free evaluation?
  • 1
    For global tracking
    • a. Test location accuracy querying API
  • 2
    For indoor tracking
    • a. Sign in to online dashboard
    • b. Define number of site's levels
    • c. Upload floor plans for each level
    • d. Perform site survey (training) of target areas using our mobile app on Android
    • e. Verify location accuracy

Combo Tags

Tracking globally and indoors
Combo Tags are small-form-factor mobile devices designed for tracking people and assets, both globally and indoors using Wearabouts.
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Tracking wearables
The Wearabouts tracking app installed on Android watches enables tracking their movements, both globally as well as indoors, in venues where Wearabouts is in use.

Smart Tags

Tracking using ambient Wi-Fi signals
Smart Tags are mobile devices that enable people and asset tracking using ambient Wi-Fi signals. Smart Tags have been designed exclusively for use with Accuware Wearabouts.
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