Accuware Visual Positioning System

Provides precise indoor 3-D location for autonomous mobile robots and drones

Accuware Visual Positioning System (VPS), also known as Dragonfly, provides autonomous mobile robots and drones with precise location in 3 dimensions. Applying simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), Dragonfly uses video from the equipment's camera to deliver highly accurate location.
How it can be used

Sample applications

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  • Warehouse management: Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can learn their location, even under lights-out conditions.
  • 3-D indoor navigation by drones enables inspections and tasks requiring visual identification
  • Tracking the location of robots and lift trucks enables automating inventory management, as items are placed on racks.
  • Tracking fork lift locations facilitates accident prevention and enables fleet management.
  • Security: Autonomous mobile robots patrolling premises can issue alerts and record video annotated by accurate location, both indoors and outdoors
  • Retail: Autonomous mobile robots inside large stores can assist customers, guiding them to items and services throughout the facility with knowledge provided by accurate "indoor GPS"
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  • Robots or drones equipped with video cameras
  • Client-side software
  • Dashboard for site managing

Getting started

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  • 1
    Get your account credentials from Accuware Tech Support
  • 2
    Perform Site Setup.
    • a. Upload detailed floor plans and/or maps of the venue via the Dashboard, and align them with the satellite image of the venue
    • b. Select the locations where Markers will be installed. A minimum of 3 Markers are needed for map calibration.
    • c. Generate and print required Marker images
    • d. Place Marker images at the pre-selected locations
  • 3
    Install Accuware VPS software on camera-equipped mobile equipment
  • 4
    Configure client-side software using site credentials
  • 5
    Run software to verify location accuracy