This page show some code samples to retrieve the real-time location of a BLE device using the Accuware Bluetooth Beacon Tracker API. To run these examples you need:

  • a set of Accuware credentials (username and password).
  • the SiteID.
  • the pMAC of the BLE device registered with your Accuware site.


Source code


The Restlet framework provides a convenient access the API from Java. Download the Java SE edition archive and extracts the files in a directory of your choice.

Locate and add to your CLASSPATH the following JAR files:

Source Code


The C# example uses JSON.NET to parse the response. The library is available at

Source Code


This example uses the JSON library for Ruby available as a gem:

Source Code


The source code for the Base 64 library is available at this page. To run this example save the code in a file named Base64.js in the same directory as the HTML file below.

Source Code