The Dragonfly Java App provides the pitch-yaw-roll of the device according the aeronautic convention, thus providing the attitude of the camera. We implemented:

  • a view of a 3D animated drone to visualize the attitude when using the Direct View mode inside the Map tab of the Dragonfly Java App.
  • a view of a 2D compass-like icon to visualize the heading when using the floor plan view inside the Map tab of the Dragonfly Java App.

Please find here the definition and convention of the attitude angles provided by the Dragonfly engine:

NOTE: please note that when the YAW value gets close to 90/-90 degree, the PITCH and ROLL values diverge a bit. This is due to the conversion from rotation matrix to Euler angles which includes an atan2(a,b) operation at some points, which is equivalent to an atan(a/b) and which “goes crazy” when b is getting close to 0 (when YAW is closed to 90/-90 degree). If you are interested in the exact values of YAW, PITCH and ROLL you can find them inside the Dragonfly CSV files or using the Dragonfly APIAt this link you can find a tool to visualize how the rotation matrix changes with the change of the Eular angles.