If you have any trouble while using Dragonfly, your are probably not the first user encountering issues. We tried to group the most common problems here, as well as and their possible solutions.
PLEASE READ: with the term Dragonfly we are referring to the Dragonfly App and to your App built on top of the Dragonfly SDK.

When I first try to run the App, I am getting an Error “Not Authenticated

To get authenticated, you have to ensure the following requirements are met:

  • You entered the correct Accuware credentials and Site ID contained inside the Accuware Activation email.
  • Your device is connected to the Internet.

Sometime, it can take some time to get authenticated by our server. If starting the system fails once, don’t worry. It will probably work on the second attempt. Note that once you get authenticated, you don’t need to get re-authenticated during 30 days.

There are some visual markers that Dragonfly is unable to detect

Every computer vision based algorithm has one huge enemy, which is dimly-lit environment. Please ensure that there is enough light in your venue so that the marker can be seen correctly. Also, ensure that there is no back-light.

Keep in mind that if you, as a human, struggle a bit to read the visual marker on a picture, there is no chance that an algorithm can do it better than you.

In addition, make sure the markers are printed clearly and have a few centimeters of white borders around them. Do not cut the paper around the black edges of the markers.

It seems that my device running Dragonfly is always located closer (or further) or higher (or lower) from my real location.

Make sure your markers are set up in the dashboard exactly as they are in real life, with the same location, orientation and altitude.

Another possible issue is that the internal camera parameters are not well defined by the device manufacturer. A possible solution to that is to change the “Custom calibration” settings according to the real parameters.

Why does the location/dot gets stuck/not updated?

That can happen if you get the Lost alert from the app, or when your Internet connection to our servers is lost.

  • If you get the Lost alert from the app, return to the last known location where you had a Navigation “fix” and continue moving slowly from that point till the Navigation is renewed.
  • If the dot is not updated in the Dashboard’s Map view, (the Last Seen value is stale), make sure you did not get a Lost alert and that your you have a valid Internet connection. Try changing to an LTE Internet connection instead of WiFi, or vise versa.

What to do if the dot’s accuracy is not good?

If all is set up correctly you should expect to get a few tens of centimeters of accuracy.

  • After you mapped 3 markers and got a 3D fix, stand 1 meter from a marker. Ask your colleague to view your live Map in the Dashboard to make sure you are indeed located 1 meter from the marker and at the relevant altitude off the ground.
  • If you do not get that good accuracy, check the correctness of the markers settings in the dashboard and in the physical site (location/altitude), check your Internet to make sure you have constant Internet connection, and lastly change your phone to a more modern/different phone and try again, to pin point the issue.
  • Note that the History view can show some irrational “time jumps” or locations becasue the Navigation got Lost and renewed in a different location, or you turned off your app and turned it on again in a different location. The “spaghetti lines” can look as one strange line (going over walls and shelves, for example) even if that is not the case.
    To mitigate those strange lines you can move the blue History Time slider from the left and/or from the right to focus on a certain time-frame when you conducted a certain test, or change the update period from 5000ms to 1000ms.