How to check whether the accelerometer is working when the Android device has the screen locked

This is how to check whether or not the accelerometer inside your Android device is working when the device has the screen locked:

  1. Use the default parameters in the app (as set by the Tech Support team in-advance).
  2. Enable debugging in the app.
  3. Start operation. You should immediately get an “Enforced Update OK” notification.
  4. Switch off the display
  5. Shake the device over the next sixty seconds or so. You should get one “Update OK” notification, at least.

If this procedure fails, please check the logs produced. Check the contents of the “wearabouts.log” file. There MUST always be a value enU greater than zero in the logs, even if the device display is off.

For example:

2015-01-15T20:44:34+0100: S: dos: false, dosc: false, enf: false, avgE: 0.02, enU: 11