How much data do the Wearabouts App and the Accuware SmartTag use?

The Wearabouts App and the Smart tags generates a very little amount of traffic which is a function of:

  • the frequency of the reports (with the scans) sent to the Accuware Wearabouts server.
  • the number of WiFi access points and/or iBeacons inside each report.
  • the weigh of each report.

To provide some real numbers regarding each report​:

  • A report with 1 Wi-Fi access point (or 1 iBeacon) detected weighs on average 100 [Bytes].

This number already takes into account:

  • the extra information inside each report (e.g. battery, fw version…).
  • the HTTP header.
  • the overhead of the HTTPS protocol.
  • the amount of data downloaded when the new parameters are available

How the average size of each report has been computed

The average size of each report has been computed empirically. We setup the Wearabouts App to send reports (with the WiFi Access Points/iBeacons/cellular towers detected) every 15 [seconds] for 7 hours and 40 minutes (equal to 27600 [seconds]). During that time the Wearabouts App:

  • Sent to the Wearabouts server a total amount of 1736 [reports] with a total amount 23782 [WiFi access points] which breaks down to 23782 [WiFi access points] / 1736 [reports] = 13,69 = ~14 [WiFi access points/report]
  • Consumed 1.64 [Megabytes, which breaks down to 1.64 [Megabytes] / 1736 [reports] = ~0.000944 [Megabytes/report] = 944 [Bytes/report] which breaks down to 944 [Bytes/report] / 14 [WiFi access points] = 67.47 [Bytes/WiFi access point] =  ~100 [Bytes/WiFi access point] to be conservative

The number of Wi-Fi access points or iBeacons for each report can be seen by looking at the log of the Wearabouts App. The log can be accessed following these steps:

  1. Open the Wearabouts App.
  2. Let it run for some time.
  3. Click on the button in the top right corner of the App.
  4. Click on Send Debug Log and send it to your email.
  5. Open the log with any TXT editor.