These are the easy steps to follow in order to allow us to process asynchronously the video files collected by your cameras using the Accuware Sentinel Cloud server:

  1. Create an Amazon AWS account (instructions here).
  2. Create an Amazon S3 bucket (instructions here).
  3. Upload the video files you want to be processed inside the Amazon S3 bucket (instructions here) using the folder and naming structure described below.
  4. Provide to us access to your Amazon S3 bucket using the “Resource-based policies and IAM policies” method described inside this page. The “AWS” element must be set to “arn:aws:iam::095070620464:user/sentinel_process_s3

Video files requirements

Make sure that the video files:

Folders structure

In order to be processed the files inside the Amazon S3 bucket MUST be organized this way:
Example of folders:
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_canada/20181213/01/08_00_00.mp4
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_canada/20181213/01/08_05_00.mp4
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_canada/20181213/01/08_10_00.mp4
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_us/20181213/01/08_00_00.mp4
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_us/20181213/01/08_05_00.mp4
  • s3bucket/tradeshow_us/20181213/01/08_10_00.mp4