Accuware Sentinel leverages a set of cameras that need to be deployed in the area to monitor. This means that a proper planning of the cameras’ placement is the key of a successful installation of Sentinel.

Use cases

Count the number of individuals passing by specific spots

Number of cameras

It is necessary to install one camera for each one of the spots that needs to be monitored.

Deployment model

The best results are obtained when the cameras is placed at no more than 12 meters from the target area that has to be monitored.

Accurate estimate: if you provide to us a floor plan with a measurement unit and the highlighted areas that you want to monitor, we can provide an estimate regarding the best locations for the cameras.

Number of cameras connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable

As a rule of thumb, to ensure the maximum accuracy, we suggest to connect each one of your cameras to Internet through an Ethernet cable. If you can’t provide Internet connection to the camera using an Ethernet cable, there are different alternatives that you could take into consideration:

  • If you are allowed to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, then you should connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network.
  • If you can not even connect your camera to an existing Wi-Fi network then you have to buy a device capable of sharing a 4G/LTE Internet connection through an Ethernet port (RJ45 port).  At this link you can find some examples. Before purchasing we suggest to double-check with the seller if the SIM data connection can be shared through the Ethernet port. Be aware that the amount of data used by an IP camera is very high!

Data collection

With this deployment you can collect the information regarding the number of individuals detected by each one of your cameras. These information can be downloaded and integrated in your application by downloading the CSV files produced every 5 minutes by the system. More information about the CSV files can be found at this link.