In order to use Accuware Sentinel you need one or more video streams that satisfy these requirements:

  • Camera mounting: videos should be recorded from static cameras mounted above head height such that they point on the test area with an angle of about 45°.
  • Resolution: the algorithm can process any resolution, but in order to be detected people should have a minimum screen width of at least 30 pixels. To optimize the processing time we suggest to resize the video to the lowest resolution where people can be detected:
    • Monitoring a close up view – 320 x 240 Px may be sufficient.
    • Monitoring a busy scene – 1280 x 720 Px / 720P / HD is required.
  • Frame rate: at least 7 fps (10 fps or more is recommended).
  • Field of view (FOV): fields of view up to 90° are supported. Fish-eye lens are not supported!
  • Color depth: color streams are recommended for best results.
  • Camera type: Sentinel can process video streams from digital and analog cameras. Analog camera streams must go through a DVR to provide remote access.
  • Scene lighting: must have good visible lighting conditions. Works fine in outdoors settings unless there are extreme lighting conditions like sun shining directly on the camera. Infrared streams are not supported.
  • Accessibility of video streams: video stream must be accessible remotely through a URL. Processing of standalone video files is supported for integration with analog cameras and other video management systems.
  • Bandwidth: it depends on resolution of the video and the frame rate. Example:
    • a stream 1280 x 720 Px @ 25 FPS requires about 1.5 GB/hr which means a bandwidth of 3.33 Mbps.

Good examples of video inputs